What Makes Blockchain an Exciting Technology for Data Security?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Understanding the transformative advantages of blockchain as technology drives security and transformations in numerous industries.

FREMONT, CA: The time for blockchain adoption is ripe. Many firms have already adopted the technology and are experimenting and scaling up gradually. Many others are still trying to gauge the potential benefits the technology could bring for their companies. Blockchain has significant advantages, and businesses should carefully evaluate the power and applicability before jumping onto the trending bandwagon. The possibility of improving data security with blockchain is high. A few ways in which blockchain promotes it are listed here.

·  Decentralized Transactions

The blockchain technology operates through digital ledgers that store details regarding transactions in ‘blocks' on a decentralized system. This ends the need for third party involvement. Banks and financial firms do not have to play a mediating role. In banks, one security attack can make all the data vulnerable. The security aspect of blockchain comes in because, in the decentralized system, every node has the data stored. Hence, it is difficult to lose data to security attacks.

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·  Features of Encryption

The information on the blockchain cannot be modified. The distributed network enables one to check for files from different nodes to verify the records. In case of a change, the signature is considered invalid, and thus, it protects any alteration or manipulation. With data being stored in public and private cloud platforms, owners of data who use blockchain can always check for any changes in their data anytime they want.

·  Difficult to Hack

A traditional network is prone to hacking. However, a blockchain has too many security features, which makes it significantly less likely to be hacked. While conventional networks work has a single location, blockchain makes use of a whole chain of distributed systems that are encrypted. The immutable nature of the ledgers makes blockchain hacking unviable for hackers.

The superiority of a blockchain in protecting valuable enterprise and customer data makes it a unique technology that every industry looks forward to adopting and deploying.

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