What is the Need to Build An Effective Document Security Program?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Saturday, October 19, 2019

Document SecurityOrganizations should protect them from document breaches to retain their customers’ loyalty and to protect them from risk.

Fremont, CA: In this modern world, it is no wonder that all the industries rely on gigabytes of information such that not a single sector is unaffected by the wealth of data. The data is numerous, ranging from contracts, agreements, bank statements, transaction records, marketing strategies, plans, and resources, and many more. These data demand security as they are confidential and when it goes to the hands of hackers, it leads to disastrous results at the national, corporate and personal levels. Our economy, on the other hand, depends on the availability of secure information. Even though much information is in digital form, a lot of information is still available in documents and is more dangerous for an organization’s information security.

According to an estimate, 45 percent of the documents end up in the trash, and if that is not appropriately destroyed, it can open an organization to risk. To safeguard an organization’s data from theft and breaches and ensuring compliance, it is necessary to implement a document destruction program. Here are some ways CIOs might overlook disposing of the unwanted documents, preventing them from being subjected to danger.

Beware of recycling the trash

Recycling is not an advised option. It is false to believe that recycled data is secure. From a risk management perspective, recycling sensitive paper documents is risky. All data put into the recycling bin and trash can be reconstructed with a bit of time and patience.

Building an Effective Document Security Program

Risk assessment – The first step is identifying risk areas to mitigate them with the help of a trained document security consultant.

Awareness training – Train the employees to reduce the risk immediately after identifying it.

Adopt privacy policies – Create a productive workplace by adopting policies and practices to protect paper documents having confidential information.

Disciplined destruction – Engage with a reputable document destruction company that issues a Certificate of Destruction, once the documents are destroyed.

Of all, archival records in the storage room and filing cabinets are the two major problems to be addressed. A smart move taken for the proper destruction of documents is the selection of a company that offers regular services to reduce the risk.

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