What is an Access Control System?

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Tuesday, August 24, 2021

People commonly refer to an electronic security system when they talk about a physical access control system.

FREMONT, CA: At its most basic level, access control is a method of managing who and when enters an area. The individual entering could be a worker, a contractor, or a visitor, and they could be walking, driving, or taking another method of transportation. A site, a structure, a room, or a cabinet could be the spot they are entering. To distinguish it from access control that restricts people from entering virtual areas, such as when logging into a computer network, one commonly refers to physical access control. Although one of its essential functions is to improve security, a physical access control system can also provide various other advantages. Improved business process efficiency and site or building management are only a few examples.

What is an Access Control System?

People commonly refer to an electronic security system when they talk about a physical access control system. To authorize someone to enter specified places, they usually utilize an identifier like an access card. They can also offer vital data to help track how the buildings and sites are used to register who accessed where and when.

Increased Security and Control with Access Control

One may avoid the drawbacks of utilizing mechanical keys while also gaining more control by employing an electronic access control system.

It will be able to manage:

Who Has Access: For example, one could only wish to provide staff automatic access. Visitors and contractors will have to report to the reception desk upon arrival.

Which Doors Do They Have Access To: One might only want specific people to be able to access particular regions. For example, businesses might only want technicians in the labs.

What Times They Can Gain Access: Contractors and subordinate employees may only be permitted to enter the facility during their regular shifts, whereas senior employees may do so at any time.

What Conditions Do They Have To Meet to Gain Access: One could, for example, configure the system so that contractors can only have access if they can prove they have given their certification.

A good access control system allows defining these parameters for each individual, which provides even more control. One may also change them fast and easily anytime they need to. It will also show who has accessed what and when making it easier to discover who may have been involved in an incident.

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