What can be Done to Prevent a Data Breach Nightmare from Becoming a Reality?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Companies must stop the leak of their data by remaining calm and locating the source of the issue as soon as possible before the situation becomes even direr.

FREMONT, CA: Data protection laws have changed quickly in the past years, and more companies are using them to protect their customers. Depending on where they live, they must follow data privacy laws to keep sensitive information safe and stop affiliate fraud or theft. But it's not easy to keep up with and follow the rules; sometimes, things go wrong out of the blue. So, organizations should be ready and plan how to deal with illegal damage while keeping their credibility and users' trust. The following tips will help to fight and fix any data breach nightmares that might happen to businesses.

Stop the data leak

The most important thing businesses need to do to stop their data from leaking is not to freak out and find the problem immediately before it worsens. It could take up to six months or even longer find and stop a breach. So, it's essential to shut down any accounts that could lead to more data loss and secure their systems right away.

Situation assessment

Businesses need to figure out how bad the damage is, what kind of information is stolen, and how many people are affected. They need to look around to find out how the attacker stole and demanded money for the data. The organization needs to prepare for similar situations by conducting a security risk assessment.

Report the damage

When a data breach happens, businesses must tell the ICO (the Information Commissioner's Office) about it within 72 hours. They have to write down the problem, who is involved, and what steps are being taken to fix it. The business will have to deal with legal and financial issues if it doesn't.

Notify customers

As business owners, it's their job to let all the customers know about the problem after they report it. They need to inform customers everything they need to know about the bad data breach problem. If they don't, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will tell the business owner to tell their users if the data breach threatens their rights and freedoms.

Repair and plan

Businesses while preparing a business for the possibility of a data breach by making solid response plans with ways to deal with the problem. Exports should figure out what went wrong and fix all the mistakes that led to this technical vulnerability. Letting the technical team fix the problems while securing the network prevents them from happening again. Most importantly, make sure the team is always trained and educated on how to spot and stop personal data breaches.