What are the Steps to be Taken by Organizations after Being Hacked?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, December 09, 2019

HackingOrganizations should take immediate steps after being hacked to avoid potential damage and flush the hackers out of an organization’s private space.

FREMONT, CA: Hacking is not an uncommon act as it occurs everywhere. Even major companies are experiencing this, and there is no doubt that any organization can encounter this. Organizations, after witnessing an attack, can execute the following steps, instead of not giving a toss.

Reset Password

Changing the password is the primary step to be taken once a service has been affected. Reusing passwords is not a good idea, and therefore, it has to be changed regularly. People use similar passwords to aid memory without realizing the potential risks in the process. To get around this, use a password manager that can generate strong and different passwords for other services. However, ensure that the passwords are not the same for the password manager and other services.Enterprise Security

Update the machine

As computers are the main point of entry for attackers, many times, it is the victim that installs the malware into their own computer. When they discover it, they have to get rid of this. The best way to overcome this is by updating to the most recent version of the operating system. This should be followed by downloading trusted antivirus software and scanning the computer for pieces of malware that might exist on the account.

Reclaim account

There are many methods to recover accounts, and the majority of online social platforms have simple ways to retrieve from someone who has taken control of it. Usually, it will ask a set of questions about the account to verify one’s identity. Facebook has a different method of helping recover the account where one of the friends verifies the identity to help get back the account.

Eliminate backdoors

The best hackers leave backdoors and not just stop by infiltrating the computer or online accounts. Therefore, organizations should make sure that there is no backdoor that the attacker can use to regain access.

Also, if the account is a financial one, the organization should comb through all activities on that account, like addresses that have been set up, payment methods, accounts linked, and so on.

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