What are the Security Benefits of Cloud Technology?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Modern cloud services are highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective, and it helps companies compete in the global market.

FREMONT, CA: Demands placed on IT departments are increasing globally. The global pandemic has forced teams to go remote, increasing IT needs at a brisk pace. Before the crisis, IT executives have strategically been moving their teams to the cloud. This challenge reinforces the demand to move more teams to the cloud, struggling to update their in-house infrastructure and rushing to update their technologies to allow safe and secure remote work. With the current IT infrastructure and staff requirements, now may be the best time for businesses to move to the cloud. 

Today, security experts no longer see the cloud as a challenge. Instead, they try to highlight their security advantages. The value of moving to the cloud outweighs the risk. The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the type of exploits hackers are leveraging. Unfortunately, hackers know businesses aren't upholding best practice security measures, particularly in the scramble to stay connected and keep firms afloat, enabling them to exploit these basic loopholes. Migrating to the cloud can help firms enforce their security stance.

Unpatched software is among the major causes of malware infections worldwide. Attackers often exploit vital exploits. It's often very complex for small and midsize enterprises to keep software updated without causing significant operational disruptions. Cloud providers regularly and routinely deploy patches for their customers, who can keep using cloud services without any downtime. This mitigates the likelihood of becoming a victim to an attack and saves firms' time in the process. When the workers are remote, cloud updates enable firms to ensure all employees are up to date and remain efficient.

Modern firms depend on a mobile workforce, more so than ever. Employees often harness several devices from many locations, all accessing the same files and sharing them with employees. Unless managed securely, these practices can lead to huge data leaks and network-wide malware infestations. Cloud services encrypt all information and offer employees and employers sophisticated tools for seamless sharing and mobile computing. The data can be shared in an environment that enables employees to collaborate on documents within a safe environment. If a staff member loses their computer or has a laptop crash, the data is still available, avoiding mass loss.

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