What are the Problems the Security Personnel have to deal with VM Program?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, September 23, 2019

Challenges are an important part of every security program. Security professionals can eradicate most of the security issues if they are backed up by the management. It is essential for the management of every company to focus on their security and considers implementing VM programs.

FREMONT, CA: Irrespective of the position in their job, a person can wake up in the morning with vulnerabilities due to the progressing work environment. It is the same with enterprises as they have their own set of sensitive areas as well. A security practitioner will notice that the security industry mainly exists due to vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability is part and parcel of any company, and it may come in any formation, so security experts have to be prepared for addressing any such situation. Security can be better prepared if they set up the top three CIS security controls for fighting against the vulnerabilities. 

The best security control a company can set is by putting up vulnerability management (VM) program. The VM program is an integrated process performed either by the security service provider or the IT security teams to eliminate the possible sensitive areas that can pose to be a severe risk to the organization. The program can contain these six steps given below.

To determine the vulnerabilities on an automated basis.
To Report the vulnerabilities and describing them.
To put the assets of the business on priority.
To correct the vulnerabilities by applying suitable patches.
To understand the risk on the business assets.
To verify the removal of the threat by performing an audit.


VM can prove to be extremely advantageous for the company. If the process is successfully applied in the company, it will not only enhance the position of security by discovering risks and addressing them but also save time and money by preventing the possibility of a data breach.

A security team must aim to start a VM management program and make it work as planned as they have to lower threat risks and make the organization a secure place. However, while securing the workplace, there are also some obstacles that they have to face. Here are some of the challenges and its solution that the security personnel can use. 

1. Lack of Resources

The common problem that most of the small to medium-size businesses face while installing the information security programs is insufficient funding. Most of the time, managers of the company do not understand the importance of cybersecurity which leads to catastrophic results. The officials generally want a confirmable ROI as their security programs and also make room for it in the business culture.

Due to the lack of funding and a shortage of cybersecurity, companies are unable to hire a competent person who can establish the VM program. To get proper cybersecurity in the company and convince the manager, the financial and reputational loss that they have to deal with should be demonstrated. 

2. Wrongly Prioritizing Risks

The evolution of technology is bringing masses of new technologies every day. The unique sensitive areas are bringing various challenges for the security teams, which includes not prioritizing the vulnerabilities based on the risks that they carry for the business. The security team can't fix every issue, so it is essential to give priority to the ones which are more dangerous than others. However, vulnerabilities can also be deceiving sometimes, and so, it is better to follow them carefully and then decide.

3. Poor Communication Between the Teams

For businesses, it is essential to have successful communication among the team members. While setting up a VM program, the lack of communication between the security team, board management, and IT can lead to issues that will affect the efficiency of the program.

4. Vulnerability Management Program Regularity

The critical factor that will guarantee the success of the VM program is by considering it as a continuous approach that has to be practiced during the whole year. If the company is incapable of controlling the flow of vulnerabilities and fix them continuously, they have to face "vulnerability debt," which will leave their network uncovered against every potential cyber attack. 

The proper way in which a company can practice VM is by automatically scanning the assets as it will make sure that the business stays ahead of any issues that may create an interruption in the business environment.

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