What are the Advantages of Performance Analytics in Vulnerability Management?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, November 26, 2020

Businesses can use performance analytics to identify the vulnerabilities of the areas that need improvement. 

FREMONT, CA: The performance analytics content packs have some of the preconfigured best practice dashboards. The dashboards represent the crucial metrics necessary for analyzing the vulnerability response process, like viewing remediation target attainment rates. However, the pack is available through a separate subscription. 

The users can visualize data over time, analyze the business processes, and even identify the areas of improvement with the help of performance analytics widgets on the dashboard. With analytics and reporting solutions, the users can always obtain value from the application's performance analytics with a minimal setup. Top Vulnerability Management Solution Companies

Analytics and reporting solutions offer every configuration record that is necessary to analyze the default applications. The users can also customize the records so that it can be used for their production environment. For evaluating the functionality, the users can also activate performance analytics solutions and in-form analytics if they do not have licensed performance analytics. However, there are also some limitations to it, and here are some of them. 

• The users cannot collect data older than 180 days

• To get full functionality, it is necessary to have a license performance analytics

• The users cannot develop new indicators

Key terms

Performance analytics

It is a solution that develops management dashboards, reports on KPIs and metrics, and even answers important business questions so that it can help to increase the quality and decrease expense. 

Vulnerable item (VI)

The security vulnerability is reported by the third-party vulnerability scanner, which is present on the configuration item (CI). 

Vulnerability group

It is described as a group of vulnerable items that presents a task that has to be assigned to an owner for remediation. 

PA indicator

It defines a performance measurement that has been taken on daily intervals of business services, organizational behavior, or activity. For example, Non-Deferred Overdue Critical Vulnerable Items. 

PA indicator source

It is a data set that filter the records from one table or database. For example, VI active. 

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