Waterfall Security Solutions Partnering with Indegy Securely Exchanges Data between OT and IT

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lior Frenkel, Co-Founder and CEO

Waterfall Security Solutions Partners with Indegy to centralize OT and IT security monitoring.

FREMONT, CA: Waterfall Security Solutions, an industrial cybersecurity technology provider, offers best security products based on its proprietary unidirectional gateway technology, a better alternative to firewalls. “The Gateway solution creates a waterfall for digital information, in which the data flows only in a single direction—downstream,” explains Lior Frenkel, co-founder, and CEO of Waterfall Security Solutions. The company has announced a partnership with Indegy, a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions protecting industrial control system (ICS) as well as operational technology (OT) environments. The partnership aims to centralize OT and IT security monitoring.

Waterfall Security Solutions offers unidirectional gateway technologies and products that enable safe IT/OT integration, remote monitoring, and diagnostics, and tamper-proof forensics, without vulnerabilities that happen with firewalled connectivity. The company protects the physical assets and industrial processes of industries, including national infrastructures, nuclear plants, power plants, off and onshore oil and gas facilities, manufacturing plants, refineries, utility companies, and many more from cyber attacks.

Whereas, Indegy combines hybrid, policy-based monitoring, and anomaly detection approach with unique device integrity checks. It enables organizations to proactively identify and respond to industrial control systems' cyber threats and prevent disruptions.

The integration of the Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Suite with Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways at different levels enables all data to pass securely, including log, sensor, and other security data from OT networks to IT systems for a cycle of processes, namely investigation, analysis, and reporting. Also, the Indegy-Waterfall partnership focuses on providing continuous visibility, security, and control for ICS environments.

Operations networks are among the most critical networks in industrial enterprises. Waterfall Security Solutions partnering with Indegy enables such enterprises to safely extend the scope of enterprise security monitoring programs to these essential systems and networks.

Deep, end-to-end visibility into the changes made to individual controllers is required to protect the OT environments from the growing cyber risks. However, the partnership enables customers to send ICS security intelligence gathered by Indegy to IT monitoring platforms while preventing the reverse flow of traffic to the OT network.

Waterfall Security Solutions was featured in Enterprise Security Magazine as one of the Top 10 Firewall Solution Providers 2017.

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