Want to Improve Enterprise's Endpoint Security, Here's How

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, February 08, 2019

Endpoint SecurityAs one can witness the proliferation of devices like laptops and smartphones, there has been a sharp rise in the number of devices being lost or stolen. These incidents indicate the massive loss of sensitive data for enterprises that encourage BYOD adoption. Hence, the Endpoint Security or Protection becomes a must and should be installed on all network servers to monitor the status and software activities of mobiles and laptops.

The significant challenge faced by the enterprises is the potential of endpoint security solutions that guarantee a robust security framework in all types of environment it gets deployed, whether virtual or physical.

Endpoint Security in 2019

Endpoint security constitutes the digital perimeter of the enterprise- whether the enterprise should work entirely on-premises or on the cloud. It protects malware and other digital threats to enter the network, allowing only recognized programs inside.

However, in a BYOD culture, the primary issue is visibility; one cannot protect what they cannot see. Also, many devices are connected to networks outside of the corporate environment which furthers broadens the perimeter beyond what traditional antivirus can handle.

Therefore endpoint security in 2019 must enforce security policies which create a necessity for all devices to comply with the security policies before that can access an enterprise’s digital resources. Moreover, endpoint security must assist the IT security team to discover any missing devices or an unprotected network to provide them with real protection.

What will be the essentials of 2019?

While looking at the offerings as mentioned earlier, endpoint security also provides threat hunting and response through endpoint detection and response (EDR).

EDR can mitigate endpoint incidents, detect and investigate cyber attacks, and also provides network analysis and monitoring. It also offers enterprises with network visibility necessary to find missing devices through a centralized portal.

How can security be improved?

The first step towards improving endpoint security is to build an effective cybersecurity infrastructure. One important point to consider is that endpoints security should never operate alone; it works best as a part of comprehensive cybersecurity platform alongside Security information and event management (SIEM) and then identifies and access management solutions. The threat detection of SIEM will supplement the threat detection of the EDR, and hence the threat solution for one will benefit the other automatically.

Endpoint security solutions will be beneficial and fruitful when one invests their time, resources and attention which is necessary for their performance; it is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool. The regular patching of the operating systems, performing daily backups and the analysis on the EDR system can help endpoint security to succeed in 2019.

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