Vulnerability Management - A Business's Cyber Shield

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

The rapid advancements in technology has paved way for hackers to find new ways of breaking in and accessing corporate networks or business systems. Vulnerabilities in the software are consistent avenues for hackers to exploit businesses, keeping vendors on their toes in issuing regular patches and updates for the software. The inception of cloud and mobile devices requires constant vulnerability scanning to ensure the overarching of software security to maintain compliance within the industry. This has driven firms to leverage vulnerability management now more than ever. Constant monitoring and integration with patch configuration management can provide a strong vulnerability management solution. Common security measures like firewalls typically contain unknown back doors that give hackers direct access to the software. A good security solution needs to know what kinds of vulnerabilities it is looking for and prevent them from happening. It needs to scan the given environment, whether it is a server or an endpoint, and search for flaws in the software design before they manifest.

These software flaws make room for external attacks. To reduce the area of attack, an organization must ensure their systems are running on the latest versions of operating systems and software across all servers and endpoints. Integrating the vulnerability management solutions within the organization’s mainframe can speed up the vulnerability scanning and assessment processes. However, these cannot handle everything. There still has to be an over-arching program. For a proper vulnerability management solution, integration with CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) database can prove worthily beneficial. This setup shares vulnerability information with different security tools, which is then correlated and effectively protects the network from every angle. The addition of cloud platforms coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning too can be utilized to fortify the vulnerability management solutions.