Vigilant Software Announces Cloud-Based GDPR Manager Platform to Streamline GDPR Compliance

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Vigilant Software has the latest addition to its product portfolio with the launch of an entirely cloud-based GDPR Manager platform. The platform enables firms to automate GDPR compliance activities and reduce associated costs while enhancing repeatability, robustness, reliability and audit trails.

GDPR Manager tool is convenient for multiple users within an organization to log on from anywhere, revising information including subject access requests (SARs), gap analysis questionnaires, breach reports, and third-party controls. It befits data protection officers (DPOs) and data protection managers (DPMs) in all organizations who need to automate their GDPR compliance activity quickly and cost-effectively. 

Each of them supporting a different core aspect of GDPR compliance, the platform comprises four modules:

•  Breach reporting which allows users to log any personal data breaches that occur and then can be reported to the supervisory authority within 72 hours as per the requirement of GDPR. This aids a clear record for remediating the data breach and notifying stakeholders as to its impact. 

•  SAR logging provides a method of logging any SARs received and keeping a record of the following up of the request. The right of access is preserved within GDPR.

•  Gap analysis allows the organization in question with a way of assessing its level of compliance with the  British standard for implementing a PIMS (personal information management system, BS 10012:2017) closely related to the requirements of the GDPR Manager. This is a best-practice approach for safeguarding critical data and helps to identify the areas where organizations need to take action. 

•  Third party management enables logging of any third parties that the firm is allied with to process personal data. This module records information about the third parties data protection practices, to ensure that the organization only engages secure and robust third-party suppliers.

The managing executive of Vigilant Software, Gemma Platt adds that the GDPR Manager platform will help organizations to demonstrate compliance cost-effectively and efficiently.

Vigilant Software has proposals to acquire channel partners and consultants curious in adding a suite of cloud-based information security risk assessment platform to their portfolio. 

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