Veritas Technologies Has Upgraded Its Enterprise Data Services Platform

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 10, 2020

Veritas Technologies have launched innovations to its Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP) to assist the consumers in decreasing the risk of ransomware resiliency.

FREMONT, CA: Veritas Technologies is a leading company providing data protection and availability. The company has upgraded its Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP) to assist the consumers in decreasing the risk, improving expense, increasing the strength of ransomware resiliency, and accomplishing multi-cloud environments large scale. With the launch of NetBackup, ¢8.3, Veritas will be able to provide more power to enterprise customers by enhancing the resiliency of their applications and infrastructure irrespective of the context. Increasing the core of EDSP NetBackup has involved the Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) and CloudPoint. Veritas offers a unified platform with enterprise resiliency features and functions to protect and improve the data at any place it dwells.  

As global enterprises have increased the utilization of digital transformation to support a remote work at large scale and pursue to decrease the expense in the face of economic headwinds, IT resiliency and productivity have become more critical than ever. Moreover, with the modernization in NetBackup 8.3, companies can drastically decrease the danger and influence of system downtime. They can also remove different workload-specific point products and understand the essential cost savings by regulating the unified platform in hybrid and multi-cloud settings.     

“Scale, flexibility and simplicity are continuing to drive up cloud adoption,” said Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “While the benefits of these multi-cloud strategies are well established, they also bring data protection challenges as multiple point products can increase risk and operational complexity. Businesses can simplify the backup and recovery challenge by standardizing on a single platform.” 

NetBackup software’s innovations have brought many new advantages to the enterprise customers, that includes:

• Increase the strength of ransomware resiliency related to its security, protection, and recovery developments

• Enhancement of security and protection 

• Extended ransomware protection with robust NetBackup appliances and vendor-agnostic immutability can be used for storage utilizing NetBackup Open Storage Technology (OST)

• Unified, a protected structure that will support 2048-bit encryption and implementation with the third-party critical management systems (EKMS) offering customers choice

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