Vade Secure Announces Availability of Auto-Remediate for High-end and Automated Email Safety

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 26, 2019

Vade Secure, a San Francisco based enterprise has been developing a comprehensive range of security aspects against the highly complicated email scams including ransomware, malware, spear-phishing/phishing. The latest from them is the accessibility to Auto-Remediate for Vade Secure for the Office 365.

Fremont, CA: Vade Secure is a trusted provider of email security, managing about 500 million email boxes across the world. Recently, Vade Secure announced the availability of the Auto-Remediate for the Vade Secure for office 365 . Auto-Remediate can be availed by all existing Office 365 users of the company without having to incur any extra cost.

Mostly, it is tough for any enterprise to manually investigate and identify new email attacks amidst the vast inflow of mails from various sources. Automation is the current favorite for sorting huge amounts of emails. Recognizing these trends with respect to automation, the recent addition of Auto-Remediate can be said to have taken place at the right time.

With the new feature, Vade Secure aims to extend its AI-powered mitigation and threat detection capabilities by empowering small enterprises and MSPs with an all-encompassing, automated and continuous safety during and after the attack.

Companies are now looking for solutions that are capable of extending total continuity and efficiency in identifying and detecting email threats and eliminating them without having to employ a human approach. Auto-Remediate is the perfect solution in such cases, which allows users to focus on other tasks without spending valuable time on detecting and preventing impending email threats.

Auto-Remediate can mechanically eliminate any malicious messages in the user’s email inbox. This further enables to mitigate attacks even before they end up damaging the business. To make sure this happens, Auto-Remediate relies on Vade Secure’s real-time insights into over 600 million email boxes around the world.  

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