Txone Introduces Edgeips Pro 216 To Support SMB Manufacturers

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, September 05, 2022

EdgeIPS Pro 216 will ensure optimized cybersecurity features to the SMB manufacturers

FREMONT, CA: Today, digital transformation is in full swing in all industries, and responsive SMB manufacturers are excited about the productivity benefits of secure operational integrity. While the lack of proper cybersecurity resources and rapidly changing OT/ICS threat forms, companies must find reliable resources to face the challenge.

TXOne Networks, a market leader in OT zero trust cybersecurity, unveiled the release of their OT-native Edge IPS Pro 216 network appliance, which is compactly designed to support SMB manufacturers in maintaining cybersecurity. EdgeIPS Pro 216 provides an innovative hardware architecture that can be flexibly deployed in cabinets or IT rack mounts to suit the size and security resources of the enterprise, giving SMB enterprises the power of flexible deployment and productivity-based cyber defense. SMB manufacturers must enable network security solutions that provide extraordinary flexibility within centralized and distributed environments.

“As the leader in OT zero trust cybersecurity, TXOnes solutions continue to evolve with todays OT/ICS threat landscape to meet the needs of SMB manufacturers, said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. EdgeIPS Pro 216 comes ready to guard your facilities against cyberattacks and prevent disruption of day-to-day shop floor operation.”

EdgeIPS Pro 216 sets new standards for OT/ICS network protection, ensuring the business continuity and unprecedented scalability demanded by SMB manufacturers. Combining TXOne's One-Pass Deep Packet Inspection (TXODPI) technology with dedicated hardware, this solution provides network segmentation with protocol filtering for various OT protocols.

EdgeIPS Pro 216 is part of TXOnes' award-winning EdgeIPS Pro series, which fulfilled the requirements of smart factory owners who have automated factories and centrally managed services. The semiconductor and automotive industries must implement Edge IPS Pro for adequate protection of their facilities.