TrustGrid's Blockchain Technology Provides Secure and Private Digital Trust Services

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, April 26, 2021

Patent-protected blockchain technology to provide privacy preserved, secure and private digital trust services.

FREMONT, CA: TrustGrid launches TrustGrid, the leading digital trust ecosystem. With a high degree of privacy and integrity, the solution facilitates technology interfaces between government and private organizations, offering services to suppliers, customers, end-users, citizens and constituents.

TrustGrid allowed the government and enterprises to create secure digital ecosystems through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, with sovereign control of data and maximized citizen privacy. This result can be offered with unlimited scale and speed.  The growth of cybersecurity, data and identity theft has reached global epidemic proportions and is becoming the crime of the new millennium.

TrustGrid is powered by distributed ledger technology, known as the blockchain, and a unique patent-pending fabric that integrates with legacy services and microservices needed to applications within the government and private industry. TrustGrid has effectively streamlined multiple technologies into a single platform. TrustGrid couples innovative cryptography, privacy, confidential computing, and distributed ledger technologies into a customizable digital ecosystem platform.

TrustGrid has invested almost five years into developing this technology that will remediate the crisis of security in data and digital identity. TrustGrid is bringing to market a digital ecosystem that's empowering individuals to take back total control of their digital identity, personal data and how they are utilized and verified by external constituents in public and private entities.  TrustGrid is available as a SaaS model, allowing organizations to build secure digital ecosystems from anywhere globally with control of data and maximized citizen privacy, offered with unlimited scale and unprecedented pace.

The surge in cyber and identity crimes has boo the need for faster, smarter, and secure privacy and digital authentication solutions on a government, enterprise and citizen level. TrustGrid addresses these hurdles by unleashing a high degree of privacy, security, and integrity via a distributed trust network. This simplifies the management of information, offers superior confidentiality and allows government agencies to access and use vital public sector data while maintaining the privacy and security of citizens' data.

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