Trends to Explore in 2022 for Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Number of trends that enterprise technology must look out for in 2022 to cope with technological advancements and innovations.

FREMONT, CA: In an era of hyper-acceleration, enterprise technology is assisting firms of all types explore the latest frontiers, realize their true potential, and reinvent their businesses. Any innovation idea from any of the firms can be a game-changing one. Customer experience has become the focal point for the new landscape as it tops the list of enterprise technology trends. Around 77 percent of IT leaders are increasing investment in the customer experience as per Salesforce Research. Further, integrating systems has become a high priority as firms find ways to connect processes, increase productivity, and generate higher cohesive experiences. Of average enterprises that use 900 different applications, only 29 percent are integrated, as per the IT leader's estimation.

Even AI is shaking up the landscape by driving everything from ride-sharing apps and commercial flights to voice assistants and smart vehicles. The ability of AI to act as a catalyst for change can be witnessed as 69 percent of IT leaders agree that AI is transforming their business. Additionally, 83 percent of them say that AI also transforms customer engagement. Like AI, even voice technology can find various new applications in the emerging landscape, especially in customer service, marketing, and sales. Companies are working hard to develop effective voice technology strategies and skillsets like AI. Around 22 percent agree that voice technology is a high priority, while 14 percent say that their strategy is completely denied around it. As technology is radically reshaping the future, the companies that do not possess the right skills to capitalize on the latest innovations could fall behind. Companies are focusing more on internal IT learning and development programs as highly skilled IT employees are getting short in demand.

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