Top 5 Giveaways to Improve Mobile Device Security

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, January 20, 2020

The skyrocketing figures for mobile cyberattacks and how the attacks take place are more sophisticated and advanced than ever before.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile security is an essential aspect that businesses should take into consideration. It is critical that the company pays attention to its mobile security device and picks the best antivirus for their computer. Therefore, it is vital to go the extra mile to make sure that security is kept intact when there are talks about smartphones, tablets, or other wearable devices. 


An essential security tip, which is always overlooked, is setting up a password. Patterns that have swipes are just fine as a greasy hand might give away the password. Therefore, it is wise to set up a four-digit pin that can be an ideal method of protection for smart devices.

Automatic Lock: 

Having a password set for the device but leaving it unlocked for a while without attending it can cause significant problems. A few minutes are also more than enough for anyone to peak into the device and steal personal and private information. It is better not to rely on factory settings and set up an automatic lock that appears within a maximum of 2 minutes or less if the phone is left unattended.

Download Security Software: 

It is essential to have antivirus, anti-theft, remote data wipe, anti-malware, and automatic security advisor app on the device, considering that it has the banking information, personal pictures, and other credentials are stored in it. It needs the highest level of security as a smartphone generally has more data than the laptop, PC, or tablet, combined for that matter.

Check App Permission:

Most of the apps require more than just necessary information such as location or GPS’ and such. It is advised that the user must read permission requests thoroughly before installing new apps or app upgrades, demanding for unusual requests and conditions.

Use a VPN:

VPN is considered as the most useful tool when it comes to improving privacy and data security while going online. VPN will help in encrypting every data that is transmitted over the internet, no matter if the user browses an online application or generate traffic via a web browser, and protect it. Every internet connection and online activity will be secured with the help of VPN protocol and the encryption standard.

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