Top 4 Trends of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 10, 2020

In the era of ever-increasing security threats, the importance of identity management across enterprises cannot be overlooked.

FREMONT, CA: As the scope of modern identity environments is becoming challenging to manage with the help of traditional methods, there is an increasing need to bring innovation and new technologies for creating a secure, flexible, and adaptive IT infrastructure. Organizations need to understand that security definitions are evolving at a disruptive speed. IAM tools installed throughout their critical areas have to be updated and compatible with advanced technologies and functionalities. 

Here are a few emerging trends in the IAM market.

Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Companies - 2020IAM and Single Sign-on (SSO) Systems

The usage of single sign-on (SSO) systems with multi-factor authentication is one of the popular trends that can potentially take the IAM global market at its peak. This kind of security mechanism helps grant privileged access requests to hybrid systems that might consist of cloud services combined with on-premises networks.

IAM and the Internet of Things (IoT)

With the rapid increase in the number of internet-connected devices, the potential security risks are also growing. A report shows that IoT is on the rise in major business sectors, and around 94 percent of businesses will use IoT by 2021. The need for the hour is to secure identity access management in these devices to stop the hackers from entering the network and damaging further. 

Use of Biometric

As the cyber-criminals have started implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their attacks, they can easily decrypt the most complicated passwords. Thus, as an alternative to password authentication, biometric authentication like retinal scans, facial recognition, and fingerprints has experienced a reasonable adoption rate. 

Blockchain in IAM

Blockchain has undergone a transformative journey. It has now become an imagination-capturing marketplace. Features such as transparency, reliability, robustness, and integrity make, public and private sectors believe that blockchain can add value to an organization.

With the rising complexity of cyber-attacks, the scope and the scale of identity access management will continue to experience healthy growth.

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