Top 4 Trends in Access Control for 2020

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Access control uses a robust, comprehensive, and multifaceted method to security, utilizing the latest technology innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Security continues to be an increasing concern for enterprises of all industries. Ensuring that the employees, equipment, and information remain protected is always a high priority. Enterprises are seeking new technologies to provide them with securing private information. Offering a simple and easy way for the employees and visitors to enter the business while holding them accountable is an important consideration. So, how can enterprises offer advanced security and ease of entrance while maintaining peace of mind at all times? The answer lies in access control systems. It is a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to security and using the latest technological advancements. Here are some top trends in access control.

Top 10 Access Control Solution Companies - 2020Attribute-Based Access Control

A recent report suggests that 70 percent of enterprises will use attribute-based access control to protect critical assets. Employees, contractors, consultants, the channel, suppliers, partners, and even customers need access to enterprise systems. Many assume multiple roles during their identity lifecycle making, so deploying a solution that caters to these multiple roles can help improve performance.


The use of biometric security in the access market is an effective counter to security vulnerabilities. Biometric solutions eliminate the element of human error from security threats. Biometric security eliminates the need for swipe cards, fobs, or keys granting quick and easy access to the people who need it. Technology leaders are developing new and exciting biometric access control and security solutions, with some interesting solutions set to be announced soon, especially in the facial recognition access control segment.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial recognition technology is evolving fastly with the application of AI and machine learning. Facial recognition access control systems can be combined with virtually any existing access control system and, when paired with deep learning technologies, can offer an excellent level of performance in identifying and matching faces.

Analytics and Intelligence

The identity analytics and intelligence (IAI) tools are likely to provide direct business value beyond access and governance tools in 60 percent of enterprises. The latest research recognizes enterprises must offer a who view based on the analysis. Identities must be indexed in a method that dovetails with business operations through intelligence features.

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