Top 4 Benefits of Network Performance Testing for your Business

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, July 22, 2019

Network PerformanceAs businesses are becoming more and more reliant on the internet, the need for a stronger network has grown. For a solid and secure network infrastructure, a business needs to ensure it is being routinely tested.

Fremont, CA: Understanding the network's performance and monitoring for issues is crucial to a business. A network monitoring tool enables the IT professionals to keep track of performance metrics, evaluate network issues and ensure that a business network reaches the expected performance level.

Network performance tests collect information, record processes and behaviors and analyze what factors are affecting the performance and how. Let's have a look at how network performance tests can benefit a business:

Identifying security threats

In addition to providing a certain level of network security, network performance monitoring also identifies potential security threats. The network monitoring tool gives the IT admins a picture of what a business network typically looks like, which helps in detecting unusual traffic or an unknown device connected to the network.

 Prevention of outages

A good network monitoring tool should help in the early detection of outages, in order to avoid it all together. Routine network tests give the IT team a foresight to pick up on fluctuations in the performance standard. Live network performance data can identify outages that could cause bottlenecks in the network, keeping the business one step ahead.

 Makes problem-solving easier

During an outage or downtime, network monitoring allows IT admins to identify network issues quickly. Whether the issues are caused by configuration errors or unusual network traffic, the IT team will be able to detect them and fix them. Live network maps lead to the origin of the problem, while also helping the business avoid the same in the future.

Manage growing network requirement

Technology and innovation are on a constant rise and with it, expand the IT environment. The internet enabled-sensors, cloud technologies, wireless devices and other multiple devices connected to the network need to be monitored and regularly tested to keep up with the constant change in the network environment.

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