Titania Releases New Tool to Assess and Control Cybersecurity Breaches

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Titania’s new tool is the first dedicated tool to automate and assess Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

FREMONT, CA: Titania has released a new tool to automate inspections of core network security procedures used by the defense industrial base to ensure compliance with DoD CMMC standards. It's the first solution on the market with dedicated built-in capabilities to handle these new standards, which affect over 300,000 defense supply chain enterprises responsible for sensitive data protection.

Titania's Nipper solution includes the module, which properly discovers exploitable vulnerabilities in firewalls, switches, and routers and prioritizes recommended mitigations based on RMF compliance and security risk. Nipper, which is utilized by the Department of Defense's four arms, also delivers precise technical fixes to assist businesses correct misconfigurations and stay secure. The new module now automates the audit process for many of the core network's most mission-critical CMMC security procedures. It generates a CMMC assessor-ready report in minutes, indicating compliance and providing a priority list and remediation guidance to fix any concerns. So, in addition to saving organizations up to $200 per device by saving one hour of audit time per device, the module may also be utilized to drastically shorten the mean time to remediate and bring about security from compliance.

“The federal government can’t afford another cyberattack like the one that targeted the SolarWinds. It’s one of the reasons why the DoD is mandating all suppliers to demonstrate an appropriate level of proactive cybersecurity. Anyone who does or wants to do business with the Pentagon will need to comply and that won’t come easily to many,” said Matt Malarkey, VP, Strategic Alliances, Titania North America.

All contractors and service providers who provide services to the Department of Defense and handle sensitive government information must comply with CMMC requirements and become CMMC accredited, which involves having compliance checked and verified every three years by a third party. Failure to comply could jeopardize an organization’s ability to get federal contracts.

"We've developed this new module to help businesses of all sizes quickly and cost-effectively fulfill the requirement by assessing compliance, generating evidence, and providing insight into what vulnerabilities need fixing so that suppliers can both stay compliant and prioritize the remediation of any critical issues first," continued Malarkey.

Since all DoD contracts will require CMMC by 2025, Titania Nipper's new module will let providers quickly meet these requirements. It can assist companies in complying with up to 89 percent of CMMC core network device practices.

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