Tips To Enhance Data Security on Cloud

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cloud computing has emerged as a solution to data storage in recent years, gravitating organizations to embrace the technology. Cloud facilitates real-time, data sharing, storage, and computing through various devices and locations. This feature introduced mobility in businesses and revolutionized the workflow but also the same made data security a much bigger concern for all.  Currently, all organizations strive to secure their data from cyber attacks and look up for measures to ensure the same.

Backup is a Must

While data management, backup is also crucial to minimize the risk associated with them. Organizations must create a local backup in some external drive which is not connected with cloud and also can be used without an internet connection. This will ensure the safety of data and as well as enhance the ease of access. In any scenario of data loss, this backup can be utilized ensuring unhindered workflow.

Storing Sensitive Data Must be Avoided

Although cloud platform is highly secure and under continuous monitoring still it is advisable not to store sensitive organization and client data over it. Even with enabled cybersecurity, there are chances of hackers to get hands on the sensitive data. Cases in the past have been witnessed where data got compromised on the cloud platform.

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Data Encryption

Data encryption acts as double security and several cloud vendors provide this facility in their packages. Companies can opt for such packages still it’s better to encrypt data offline before upload. Third-party tools can be put to work for encrypting data offline; they also encrypt passwords adding an additional layer of security.

Anti Viruses are Crucial

Cloud security does not include security against viruses. At times viruses are deployed in the systems to harm the data or provide easy access to cloud data. Organizations must get anti-virus packages installed and keep them updated to fight against the virus attack.

Restricted Use and Behavior

User’s online behavior plays crucial for cybersecurity. Only trusted and required websites must be accessed through systems connected to the cloud server. Unverified websites may inject viruses that could harm the data. Also, the access to security system must be restricted to minimal or required professionals only; this ensures lesser chances of security breaches and trustworthy system.

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