Tips That Guarantee Data Security During Business Travel

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Data SecurityWhile traveling for business frequently, it is impossible to have control over what is occurring in the office or to predict the threats that might occur. Being prepared well in advance not only encourages proactive habits but also secures assets. 

FREMONT, CA: Conducting business and managing the operation on the go, especially when traveling is a risk that must be kept in mind. It is essential for business travelers to take precautionary steps to reduce those risks and mitigate the losses before incurring by following specific measures before, during, and after the trip:

What to Do Before Departure:

According to Verizon’s data breach investigations report, about 81 percent of the hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen or weak passwords. The key is to make sure all devices have been locked and secured with a strong password or a pin. The best practice is to turn off the Bluetooth and disable the features like auto-connect and clear the cache files frequently as it can contain sensitive data.

There is always a security protocol set up by the IT team for the company in case of data breaches; cross-checking and verification of the procedure are vital to dodge any emergencies. Cybersecurity is gaining more attention than physical security in the business world. But, it is necessary to maintain security for the brick and mortar safe by installing the latest systems with video surveillance and remote activation and monitoring capabilities.

Preventive Measures for the Road:

When on the road, the most crucial factor is never to leave the luggage unattended, as a staggering 41 percent of the breaches occur from stolen devices, as reported by Trend Micro. It is best if the public Wi-Fi is avoided as they are notoriously insecure, in case of emergency it is best when the access of the internet is limited to pages secured by https.

With the protection of VPN—tunneling, encryption, and authenticated connections—avail security to data while online, making it harder for hackers to snoop around. Although an accessory, the privacy screen filter, when applied to the screen, will decrease visibility from varied angles. It will restrict the public from viewing into sensitive content.

What to Do After Returning:

Despite applying all the best practices and efforts, the possibility of a data breach on the trip is always high. A habit of running checkups on all devices after every business trip, to scan for spyware, malware, or viruses is always a plus point.

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