Three Innovative Cybersecurity Technologies of 2018

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

The ongoing war between security experts and cyber actors have become a cat and mouse game. This era of digital transformation is affecting the cybersecurity, and therefore this ever-changing industry has to be more responsible regarding the cyber threats. Where on one hand technological advancement has increased digital connectivity and has simplified all processes in the world of business, it has also led to the immediate development of threats.

Let's explore a few cybersecurity technologies that are boosting the security of the information and driving innovation.

1. Hardware Authentication: Weak usernames and passwords can open us up to new threats and easy for hackers to get access to the relevant or the confidential data. With hardware authentication, a user's identity is coded before granting them the access. This is important in Internet Of Things (IoT) because a network needs to assure the thing accessing it has permission to do so.

2. Cloud Technology: This innovation has a significant impact on the system's security technology. More business enterprises embrace it as it can store vast amounts of data that is generated on a daily basis. This technology is developing and still relies on virtualization technology to create firewalls, prevention systems, intrusion detection, and security hardware.

3. Deep Learning: It encompasses various technologies including Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning. Deep learning focuses on anomalous behavior therefore when the system is fed with the right data; they can identify cyber-attack patterns and block suspicious items without any human intervention.

Therefore, it is vital to keep up with the latest innovations to be aware regarding the safety issues. These advancements are helping us to understand what are the cyber threats and why cyber security is essential for protecting the data therefore if we bring together new technologies and fundamental security controls, information can be kept safe.