The World's First Peer-to-peer Equity and Debt Marketplace

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Chris Horlacher, President & CEO

The blockchain technology has become a key player in the cryptocurrency realm. Blockchain technology is a tamper-proof ledger, which has been used for digital transactions. The technology has a high prevalence in various industries including health, finance, and entertainment area.  

Equibit Group is a Toronto-based-company that has applied blockchain to establish the world's first peer-to-peer equity and debt marketplace. The company was established in 2010. The company manages the relationship with investors in a secure and decentralized manner. “The advantage of choosing a blockchain based model is the 256-bit encryption key, which makes it almost impossible to penetrate,” says Chris Horlacher, President and CEO of Equibit Group. Equibit has recently announced the appointment of its board of directors.

The members of the Equibit Board include Chris Horlacher, Peter Braun (Director of the European Business Angels Network), Eelco Fiole (Managing Partner, Alpha Governance Partners), Efi Pylarinou (Director of Efi Pylarinou Advisory), Harvey Wortsman (Managing Director, MC Integrated (Director). Horlacher is one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain technology leaders.  Braun is a leading angel investors as a rocket scientist. Fiole has played several leadership roles in the management of banking and investment. Pylarinou is the co-founder of "Daily Fintech" and Innovate Finance has named her to "Women in Fintech." Wortsman has been in corporate law for 25 years and is an EVP with the Equibit Group.

"The advantage of choosing a blockchain based model is the 256-bit encryption key, which makes it almost impossible to penetrate"

The Equibit Group offers several products and services in addition to added security. Because of commercial viability, the products will become more attractive. The company has a team that allows the industry’s security aspects to be reshaped and conventional practices to become involved. Equibit Group will be launching two applications in the coming months, namely Equibit core and Equibit portfolio. Equibit’s portfolio, on the other hand, enables investors to buy, sell, and authorize securities. Both applications are beneficial to financial organizations. The company is ready to soon strike the stock market with much-needed security and resilience. 

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