The Radix Hardware Security Verification Solutions by Tortuga Logic Are Now Licensed by Xilinx

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tortuga Logic, an enterprise into system-level security, has announced a licensing contract with XilinX Inc. With the license, it would be possible for the latter to use the Radix series for security verification solutions by Tortuga Logic. Through the Radix series, Xilinx can provide security for Xilinx programmable system-on-chip (SoC) portfolio.

FREMONT, CA: Tortuga Logic’s Hardware Security Verification Solutions will now be licensed by Xilinx. Conceptualized and initiated in 2014, Tortuga Logic is a firm serving the cybersecurity sector, providing industry-leading solutions for security vulnerabilities that are mostly overlooked in the current scenario.

The hardware security verification platform by Radix empowers SoC designs and security teams to identify and avert system-wide exploits, which are otherwise undetectable as far as the current methods of security identification are concerned.

The entire technology industry is witnessing an active move towards innovative technologies to identify and prevent security vulnerabilities at the earliest including hardware.  By associating with Xilinx, Tortuga Logic would be able to extend the necessary capabilities to build devices that serve the industry requirements of their customers.

Moreover, SoC designers are turning to hardware roots of trust (HRoTs) to in turn function as the security basis for a complete system by providing critical aspects including device identity authentication, run-time monitoring, and key management. Resultantly, compromises in the HRoT or subsequent configuration could make these designs highly vulnerable to devastating system-level exploits.

The Radix series from Tortuga Logic function by identifying system-level vulnerabilities that arise from integrating and deploying HROTs by effectively thwarting unauthorized access to secret data and access to keys utilized to validate boot images along with undetected security gaps in the system architecture.

Also, the Radix series is built in such a way that it can be incorporated with commercial pre-silicon emulation and simulation systems and is the industry-first automated platform. This platform can target firmware misconfigurations which leave SOCs highly susceptible to security breaches.

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