The New API Security Platform from 42Crunch Helps Provide Total Kubernetes Support

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 26, 2019

42Crunch enables a simple and automated platform that provides live endpoint scanning, auditing, and micro API firewall protection, thereby connecting security teams and API development. The firm has announced total Kubernetes Support for automating the Zero-Trust API Security for the Microservices Architecture.

Fremont, CA: 42Crunch is the developer of ‘42crunch’, the first API firewall. Towards mid-July, the firm made an announcement of another API security platform, which would provide total support for the Kubernetes environment.

This novel solution has been built to completely automate API security across the Kubernetes environment. This paves way for the zero-trust architecture which is required to safeguard every microservice and proceed without risks.

Traditional solutions are plenty. Examples include API Management Tools and Web Application Firewalls. However, mostly they are built to rely on static policies and rules and for edge protection. As a result, though security is brought in, a few of the individual microservices are left susceptible to API attacks. That’s why the need for advanced solutions is always predominant.

The completely automated platform of 42Crunch can extend security to every microservice to safeguard them with minimal latency micro API firewall. This API firewall could be deployed at scale as it is merely about 20mb in size. Also, a sidecar proxy mode deployment in Kubernetes pods ensures API security with sub-millisecond transparency. This is significant as the need for manually writing and maintaining single API security policies is avoided.

42Crunch assures that with the new API platform even during work on large numbers of microservices, every one of them is automatically secure throughout the lifecycle.

Additionally, the 42Crunch has been built in such a way that it can integrate with an enterprise’s DevSecOps pipeline to deliver automated API security to the entire API lifecycle.  

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