Tensor Releases a New Version of its Tensor.NET Software

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, February 07, 2019

Tensor plc, a UK based company, has recently released a new Version of its Software. This is the 3.8.0.x. version of the software, which provides an easy to use platform for the customers to manage their employee’s time and attendance efficiently.

The new update of Tensor.NET software provides a set of new features and enhancements which include support for Self Service Visitor Monitoring (SSVM) application by providing an Unmanned Tablet menu option, which enables the MCVS customers to enter details of the Android or IOS tablets that are using the app. Version 3.8.0.x. has extended the archive and restore functionality to include employee clocking, absence, and job bookings. It also provides an ability to customize the behavior of T17xx scanners for LED and “halo” colors displayed when clocking IN and OUT. The new update allows employees without enrolled biometric templates to gain access by presenting their smartcard at Suprema Biostation devices. The company has also made some fixes from the last version. For example, shift core times can be inserted for non-clocking employees and the search results will now be displayed for every screen on a separate tab. The version includes many customer resolutions also. The software now offers an extra placeholder to include the second emergency contact details in a mail merged document.

Earlier the software could not recognize the end of an employee’s temporary shift but with this update, the employee’s permanent shifts are inserted when the temporary roster ends. The new version applies role management security permission to limit the system users who can view an employee’s hourly rate. It also implements a new fix which prevents a power status alert from being generated whenever a wireless hub disconnects or reconnects.

Tensor plc provides innovative solutions in designing, manufacturing, and installing security access control, attendance monitoring and energy management. Founded in 1985, Tensor plc is a global provider for many blue chip organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies.

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