SureCloud Collaborates with FirmGuard to Offer Highly Advanced Cybersecurity

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, August 27, 2020

SureCloud has partnered with FirmGuardto offer tech-enabled cyber and GRC services.

FREMONT, CA: SureCloud has collaborated with FirmGuardto provide tech-enabled cyber and GRC services in the Australian and APAC province.

SureCloud is an integrated risk management (IRM) solutions and cybersecurity services provider. FirmGuard is an Australian company, which is information security, governance, risk, and compliance specialist.

The exclusive partnership will help FirmGuard deliver services through the SureCloud's GRCplatform. It will also help combine SureCloud's technology and methods with FirmGuard's professionals who are experts in compliance readiness and advisory solutions across security standards and regulatory frameworks like GDPR, APRA CPS234/CPG235, and ISO 27001.

Moreover, the SureCloudplatform provides improved end-user experiences, real-time reporting, digestible dashboards, and other automation. Such abilities allow the companies to act on readily findings and remediate them before compliance or certification so that it becomes easy to manage the continuous compliance obligations post-audit.

According to the company, by utilizing the SureCloud platform and the Secure Controls Framework (SCF), FirmGuard will also offer readiness and mobilize engagements through numerous standards and control domains.

The joint venture will also help FirmGuard offer a broad range of advanced cybersecurity services that consist of an as-a-service proposition, which gives its users access to SureCloud's Cybersecurity-as-a-Service and PTaaS (Pen Testing as a Service) offering.

Theon-demand and subscription-based services will transform the procedure in which clients consume cyber and risk services by prioritizing strategic outcomes with a permanent expense and on-demand support.

SureCloud VP of Cyber Services Ben Jepson says they are extremely pleased to collaborate with FirmGuard as it will help them to introduce the unique-tech enabled services underpinned by the GRC platform into the A/NZ and APAC markets. Today's markets also present an exciting prospect that can be used. And the blend of SureCloud technology and FirmGuard's experience and knowledge in the local cyber, risk, and compliance market will develop a perfect partnership.

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