Strengthening Visibility & Control in Enterprise Cybersecurity with Integrated Service Innovations

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Enterprise CybersecurityBrian Murphy, Founder and CEO, ReliaQuest

A solution that helps businesses to curb the threat of cyber theft is always most welcomed in the industry, and while companies stand in dire need, there is an opportunity of innovation.

FREMONT, CA: "ReliaQuest understands that a security team's strategy must deliver consistency for the business while also constantly evolving, and we are committed to providing the necessary technologies and ongoing support that our customers need to achieve that difficult balance. We built GreyMatter with the explicit goal of increasing the financial and operational performance of the security models that protect organizations. Enterprises require and deserve a proactive approach to security, which is why we use machine learning, actionable analytics, and ongoing 24/7 enablement to serve as a force multiplier of our customers' security teams" said Brian Murphy, CEO of ReliaQuest. The company introduced GreyMatter, an integrated platform that connects disparate technologies and teams to provide greater visibility and control over enterprise security operations. The company has launched the platform to strengthen visibility and control in enterprise cybersecurity.

ReliaQuest's GreyMatter collects data from diverse point solutions, so security units can holistically organize and automate responses to threats in real time. GreyMatter integrates the newest threat intelligence across consumers' technology stacks, allowing users to learn from past attacks. GreyMatter capabilities include threat intelligence, threat detection, investigation, proactive hunts, automation, and analytics. With GreyMatter, the company looks to alleviate the threats by providing a holistic, single, and actionable view across a security operation. Organizations can enhance the effectiveness of the threat responses, reducing reactive blocking, and tackling of daily threats. With GreyMatter, ReliaQuest is assisting to reduce alert fatigue in security operations and enhance an organization's ability to perpetuate visibility into its security position. "We want to limit valuable licensing dollars spent on non-actionable data," added Murphy.

Featured in the list of Top 10 Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Companies by Enterprise Security magazine, ReliaQuest strengthens the world's most esteemed brands against cyber threats with its platform for active security model management. Operating as a force multiplier on a business existing cybersecurity investments, ReliaQuest's GreyMatter integrates disparate technologies to implement a unified, actionable way that fills the gaps in business security programs. ReliaQuest will soon launch a custom security data lake where teams can create visualizations and offer information to other departments as well.

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