Strengthening Enterprise Security with Unique Strategies

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

By incorporating integrated security methods, robust infrastructure, better risk-analysis programs, effective policies, and building a shared responsibility, the cybersecurity can be well maintained across the organization.

In the digital journey program in companies across the world, the addition of suspicious network activities has forced organizations to take account of cybersecurity management strategies. A Clark School’s study at the University of Maryland has quantified that there is a cyber attack every 39 seconds on computers having internet access. There were 285 million data exposures in a security breach study by Verizon, which works out to about nine exposed records every second. Within organizations, 26 percent of these attacks were carried out internally. These facts and figures point toward the importance of cybersecurity programs inside the organizations. Juniper Research data predicts that cybercrime will cost businesses over a total of $2 trillion in 2019 as more business infrastructure becomes connected. Despite these facts, over 40 percent of organizations do not have cybersecurity strategies implementations, states the 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey.

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There are many security tools, solutions, and products available in the market depending on the size of a company. While implementing the cybersecurity programs, the organizations should do their research to find out the best security vendors in the market.  Buying multiple security products will overwhelm companies and may end up creating chaos while maintaining security strategies. The next step after considering the suitable solution provider is that organizations have to ensure that the solutions are ideal for the existing infrastructure as well.

Regardless of how robust, reliable, and compelling a deployed security system is, the successful implementation cannot be achieved without the right team of highly skilled employees in a holistic cybersecurity defense position. The certified, skilled, and experienced professionals having good knowledge about the operation of technologies will play a significant role in maintaining security measures.

To strengthen the security boundaries of the organization, it is necessary to have a well-designed plan for future risk mitigation along with meeting the current security goals. They must also have an authorization framework built to take strengthening security measures. Designing a governance framework will provide businesses an overarching view that includes not only preparations for addressing cybersecurity goals, but also precautions needed to address future security incidents.

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