SPHERE's New Cyber Hygiene Solution to Help Enhance Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, January 05, 2022

SPHERE's Cyber Hygiene system will identify and address excessive access concerns, lowering companies' risk profile by focusing on Zero Trust and adopting a Least Privileged Access state for all end-users and privileged entitlements.

FREMONT, CA: It is important to establish a regular cyber hygiene regimen to keep a system free of viruses, security breaches, and the theft of sensitive data from the hands of cybercriminals. In a successful attack, having good cyber hygiene means quicker response times and faster incident response. Women-owned cybersecurity company SPHERE has come up with SPHERE's Cyber Hygiene Solution to help reduce the overall attack surface of enterprises by delivering best-in-class software and services for access governance across data, platforms, and apps. Dr Joseph Llano, the company's Vice President of Service Delivery, has been brought in to spearhead the strategy for this new product.

"We are thrilled to welcome Joseph Llano to the team," states SPHERE's CEO and Founder, Rita Gurevich. Joseph will be an excellent addition to SPHERE as Vice President of Service Delivery. Joseph will lead us in our cyber hygiene objectives, helping us provide the very best risk management solutions to our customers. With his background in strategy, cloud solutions, and service delivery lifecycle execution, we are confident in Joseph's knowledgeable perspectives to enhance SPHERE's rapidly growing software solution and service delivery business."

One of the SPHERE's unique selling points is its end-to-end solution for access governance, which combines software and services to address the issues that most major enterprises' issue. Focusing on Zero Trust and the Least Privileged Access state, their Cyber Hygiene service decreases an organization's risk posture. Software, the SPHEREboard, and a team of SPHERExperts that provide world-class thought leadership and industry knowledge enable operational efficiency by automating reporting and remediation needs. As soon as an organization's IT environment has the essential visibility and remediation workflow in place, the chance of a breach is reduced, and the cyber-attack surface is minimized. SPHERE partners with their clients to provide ongoing management of their IT infrastructures as part of the solution. Thanks to this solution, they may rest certain that their most sensitive data is safe and secure.

SPHERE's expertise in access governance can help customers deal with the increasing frequency and difficulty of cyberattacks, as many firms lack the workforce to deal with entitlement sprawl or other access governance issues on their own. Automating the process will save clients both time and money, as they will no longer have to perform tedious manual tasks.

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