Sisense Released its Q3 2019 Report with Updated Product Features

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, August 23, 2019

Sisense released its product updates, and the advanced features include new AI-driven augmented analytics and much more.

FREMONT, CA: Sisense, a global leader in providing a modern platform for analytics builders, released the product updates for Q3 2019. The company's flagship and data analytics products are upgraded with AI-driven augmented analytics, cloud-native infrastructure, DevOps tools, and over 40 certified data connectors.

Sisense's advanced cloud-native infrastructure will come with the existing windows-based option. The new cloud-native platform is for multi-cloud support by using containerized microservices infrastructure that leverages best-of-breed open-source technologies.

That includes Linux, Kubernetes, and Docker Orchestration. The new cloud-native also offers the first post-merger integration with Periscope Data. 

The release also stated AI exploration in augmented analytics. Visualizations and deeper insights from known KPIs are automatically generated through this. This is achieved by exploring customer behavior and other related data using machine learning techniques.

AI Exploration is designed to guide consumers towards the answers of questions they didn't know they had. Dashboard builders can at once reveal the most critical data insights that help to expand their business.

Sisense's product is readily accessible for current users. It includes expanded APIs that helps the users build embedded analytic apps at scale for enterprise-grade deployments.

Founded in 2004, Sisense, enables everyday business users to independently manage, analyze, visualize, and cost-effectively simplify complex data.  

Cloud-native Sisense utilizes the most advanced technology to enable faster delivery, reliability, and scalability. With a team of experts, Sisense is recognized for their tremendous commitment to customer support and innovation.

Sisense has influenced many countries and has expanded its clientele across the globe, including industry tech giants like Tinder, Flexport, Philips, Nasdaq, and the Salvation Army.

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