Siemon's Upgraded WheelHouse Advanced Data Center Solutions Are in Business

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 05, 2019

Today’s data centers function in a constantly evolving technological landscape. There is an unvarying need to upgrade to keep up with the advancements in applications, products, platforms, consumer technologies, or enterprise priorities. Connecticut based provider of data center infrastructure, Siemon has come up with innovative additions to its WheelHouse Advanced Data Center solution.

Fremont, CA: Innovative modern solutions and services are abundant around the data center infrastructure, making it a difficult task to choose a solution that would enable optimal and competitive functioning.

Among the plethora of data center infrastructure management solutions, Siemon, based in Connecticut, specializes in conceptualizing and fabricating high-end IT infrastructure solutions for data centers. “What helps Siemon stay relevant and deliver technologies which enable business objectives and customer satisfaction are the on-going investment in R&D innovation, intellectual property, global capabilities, employee development and retention while cultivating a culture of continuous improvement”, says Carl Siemon, President and CEO.

Aiming to provide customers with the best offers, Siemon has enhanced its all-encompassing WheelHouse Advanced Data Center solutions through the addition of several-compartment colocation cabinets. The other product announced together with the former is the V-Lock Cabinet Door Security.

The Siemon WheelHouse Advanced Data Center Solutions

The solution is optimal for colocation data centers that rent out/lease rack units and suits those not interested in an entire cabinet but want safe and separate tenant compartments.

Both the rare and front doors are lockable in these compartments. The side panels are tamper-resistant. Furthermore, the secured cable management channels are available only in individual compartments. This way, no cable entries or exits are shared.

The V-Lock Cabinet Door Security

The innovative V-Lock cabinet security system can be used on all Siemon cabinets. Moreover, it can be retrofit for use on single-hinge doors. Built with an aim to bring in enhanced safety and compliance to wherever it is being used, the V-Lock is capable of delivering high-end cabinet-level access control.

The V-lock system is perfect for standalone or several cabinets. The lock access is through high/low-frequency cards, PIN, electronic or biometric fingerprint. These access options eliminate possibilities of unsafe cabinet keys.

Data centers are surely at the forefront of the increasing technological focus. As per a CB Insights Market Analyzing tool, the data center services across the world is expected to be around $228 billion by the year 2020. It comes down to the selection of the right data center solution to stay ahead of the competition. 

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