Security Analytics Use Cases Employed in Cybersecurity Analysis

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, November 25, 2021


Security is a vital factor for organizations and enterprises, primarily if the company relies on the internet. Because it is practically impossible to predict future attacks or threats to the firm, the best course of action is to implement precautions ahead of time.

Security analytics is a collection of software, algorithms, and analytic techniques for detecting potential threats to computer systems. Security analytics tools can be used by businesses to assess all possible or probable threats to the company's revenues or infrastructure.

Security Analysis Use Cases:

During a cybersecurity investigation, many use cases are implemented. Some of them are listed below:

Employee Monitoring:

Companies can employ security analytics to monitor and analyze user behavior on essential and sensitive systems, including privileged users, for suspicious behavior using metadata, keystrokes, and forensics capabilities.

Network analysis and visibility (NAV):

A NAV program or device analyzes traffic from end-users and apps as it goes over the network. According to the study, NAV is a set of technologies that includes network discovery, flow data analysis, network metadata analysis, packet capture and analysis, and network forensics. Monitoring network data allows the company to correlate events and uncover trends that may indicate a potential attack.

Detecting Data Exfiltration

Security analytics prohibits unwanted data downloads and copies by restricting illegal communication paths and stopping users from supplying their credentials to non-enterprise sites, avoiding credential theft via phishing efforts.

Compliance Regulation

By automating compliance requirements including log data collection, regulating personal data flow, monitoring data activity, and providing reports.

User Behavior Monitoring

The analytics platform uses user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to profile suspicious behavior by employing algorithms to discover trends and detect signals of harmful actions in user behavior.Security analytics may help an IT department make sense of the huge volumes of data flowing in and out of their network and quickly detect potential attacks. A security analytics platform can protect an organization from a potentially costly data breach or cyberattack by providing real-time knowledge and a historical record of past threats.