Securechain has laid the Foundation of Finmail on Microsoft Store

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 12, 2019

Haimin Zhang, Founder & Director

Finmail is the perfect platform for users to share digital currency and e-mails simultaneously and now users can easily access from Microsoft Office Store.

FREMONT, CA: Copenhagen based Securechain, a blockchain company dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions to both information network and value network, has announced its new tool Finmail, for sending digital assets via e-mail.

Finmail is meant for blockchain development and community communications. It will be used as a carrier of Securechain for sending digital assets via e-mail. According to Securechain, Finmail is the first web and desktop add-on approved by Microsoft, which enables users to send digital assets via email. Users can improve their productivity by using Finmail, where with just a single e-mail they can easily handle both information and value transfer.

The idea for Finmail came out of an understanding that both forms of communication i.e., postal mail and payment systems have a lot in common, and e-mail and digital currency, share a similar relationship. Finmail is the perfect platform to host both e-mail and digital currency.

Finmail can be used as a payment platform for a near-universal audience. A Finmail user can send digital assets within e-mails to other Finmail users with just a click. Adding to that, Finmail users can make payments and can synchronize transactions. These components are securely transmitted.

Director of Securechain Haimin Zhang asserted "At present, we are trying to make the Finmail add-in more practical for payment and transfer; for example by introducing a stablecoin like USDT. We believe Finmail can make digital currency more socially acceptable and, like e-mail has done over the past 25 years or so, improve collaboration and productivity."

Finmail can be accessed easily as it is available on all Hotmail/Outlook Web, desktop and mobile versions. The platform is highly secure, and supports two kinds of receiving address formats, i.e., the digital currency address as well as an email address. Now, customers can easily download it from the Microsoft Office Store.

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