Secure Access with Cloud Cryptography

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

As numerous organizations are looking to seize benefits of the cloud, data security remains a top concern. Conversely, effective data protection and strong encryption in the cloud is achievable through a number of cloud solutions. Cryptography permits users to access mutual cloud services easily and securely while guarding sensitive data without delaying information exchange.

Organizations that have to store sensitive information such as financial records and business data face a challenge in securing their data.  Because of this, a lot of companies are realizing the perk of cloud computing as it offers customers a virtual computing infrastructure on which they can store data and run applications. Thus, in order to efficiently maintain both security and performance, companies are creating customized cryptographic protocols. 

Companies, are adopting different approaches to encrypt data. Many companies prefer to encrypt data earlier to uploading it to the cloud, which can only be decrypted by authorized parties that have admission to the decryption keys. On the other hand, encrypting data upon receiving it is also being practiced widely. This ensures that data they are transmitting is protected by encryption by default.

Cloud security is a crucial theory, which will compress the downsides in acceptance of the cloud by the MNCs and other organizations. As cloud computing persists to develop popularity, there are many companies that are practicing cloud cryptography ventures in order to tackle the business challenges relating to cloud security and data protection.