Safeture and SPS Sign a Three-Year Agreement

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 22, 2021

Magnus Hultman, CEO, Safeture

Safeture AB Lund signs a three-year contract with SPS to provide services to a significant German client services. 

FREMONT, CA: SPS, an international security and assistance firm, has signed a three-year agreement with Safeture AB Lund to offer services to a significant German client. SPS will manage and oversee more than 60 000 employees worldwide who have access to the Safeture platform under the terms of the agreement. eLearning, facility monitoring, and travel management integration are just a few of the services available. The contract is worth 383 000 Euros over three years.

Safeture's position as the top provider of digital services is strengthened by this agreement that ensures security for employees no matter where they are throughout working hours - at home, in the office, or while traveling. 

"We see a clear trend in that more and more companies allow all employees to receive our services as the duty of care, to meet work environment requirements and to be an attractive employer, "says Magnus Hultman, CEO of Safeture.

"We are extremely pleased to secure this significant Travel Risk Management contract with the support of Safeture, who have again proven their ability to tailor their services to our client's specific requirements." says Simon Sawyer, COO of SPS.

Safeture is a Swedish Software as a Service (SaaS) company that was formed in 2009.

The business provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform for managing employee safety and risk or crisis management. Safeture helps over 3600 companies and organizations secure what matters most, like their employees, using world-leading technology and innovative solutions. Safeture provides businesses with the flexibility to automate safety and security while seamlessly implementing the software to become a natural component of the internal processes.

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