Safeguarding Customer Communications and Data with Mimecast and Secureworks Taegis XDR

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Email security company Mimecast has integrated the threat intelligence and mitigation capabilities of Secureworks' Taegis XDR into its platform.

FREMONT, CA: Cyber dangers, including social attacks that target enterprises via email, necessitate the adoption of email protection software. Phishing emails, for example, can fool customers into providing personal information, accepting bogus invoices, or downloading malware that might infect your company's network. One of the most popular email security and cyber resilience companies, Mimecast Limited, has come up with Mimecast® for the Secureworks® TaegisTM XDR. TaegisTM XDR has integrated Mimecast's flexible architecture into its threat intelligence platform to detect attacks. There is an emphasis on actionable information and a single point of control when investigating and responding quickly and automatically.

According to the FBI, an estimated $1.85 billion in reported losses in the United States due to email intrusion is expected in 2020. Organizational data travels over email, making it a prime target for malicious attackers. A comprehensive perspective of the danger landscape can only be achieved if email security data is linked to other data sources. Using the Taegis XDR advanced search query language, joint customers may better resist threat actor intent and behaviour by centralizing threat data from email, endpoint, network, and cloud into a scalable data lake. Improved cyber resilience is made possible by better investigations and faster repair.

“Business email compromise is a leading avenue for threat actors attempting to breach an organization,” states Steve Fulton, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Secureworks. “Our integration with Mimecast provides insights into whether email has been compromised or presents a potential risk. Together with Taegis XDR’s telemetry gathered from cloud, networks, and endpoints, and its advanced analytics, we can quickly prioritize the right alerts for rapid response. This maximizes our customers’ investments in Mimecast and provides the rapid detection and response capabilities that keep customers safe.”

“Recent Mimecast research shows that 70 percent of organizations surveyed expect their business to be harmed by an email-borne attack,” states Jules Martin, Vice President of Ecosystems and Alliances. “It’s hard to keep up with the onslaught of attacks by threat actors, and security teams are under constant pressure. One way to bridge the gap is to leverage the massive amount of data email systems hold. Our integration with Secureworks helps allow joint customers to easily tap into all this data to proactively enhance visibility and stay one step ahead.”

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