SAFE Identity and Kantara Partner to Expand Trust Frameworks

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, October 06, 2020

SAFE Identity and Kantara have announced a reciprocal agreement to endorse and support each other’s Trust Frameworks.

FREMONT, CA: SAFE Identity and Kantara Initiative, the two worldwide acknowledged Trust Framework Providers, are focusing on extending digital identity trust and security. The companies have announced a reciprocal agreement to endorse and support each other’s Trust Frameworks, which is used for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and non-PKI domains together with their certified identity providers. The partnership is essential as it will combine the digital identity assessment and Trust Mark process for organizations in healthcare, financial services, and other sectors. It will help decrease the risk for the companies dependent on the SAFE and Kantara Trust Frameworks.

“What we have done is agree to honor each other’s Trust Marks. Industry can now access and manage digital Identity more easily across both PKI and non-PKI domains when making risk-based decisions concerning the validity of someone’s digital identity credentials and providers’ services,” said Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara. “Kantara always looks for ways to serve more value to its members through non-financial, non-exclusive collaborations such as this, in the furtherance of its non-profit mission. Instead of duplicating efforts, SAFE and Kantara are helping to expand the reach of our respective missions.”

Kantara and SAFE Identity are devoted to reliable digital identity management services and solutions. But the companies also prioritize on several yet complementary assurance aspects and technologies. Kantara’s effort is generally directed towards de jure standards conformity assessment, standardization, and non-PKI innovation. These are applied across numerous technologies. SAFE’s goal is to expand and standardize PKI-based credentials employed for Identity, confidentiality, and data integrity.

“When SAFE-BioPharma evolved into SAFE Identity earlier this year we introduced new services to operationalize and certify PKI-based trust and interoperability,” said Kyle Neuman, managing director of SAFE Identity. “While that has been our top priority, non-PKI credentials have always been an important part of the SAFE-BioPharma Trust Framework and, through this collaboration, will continue to be part of the SAFE Identity Trust Framework. As part of the agreement, non-PKI credential service providers will now be assessed by Kantara’s accredited assessors and we will accept Kantara’s approvals and Trust Mark grants. It is no longer necessary for SAFE to do this work in parallel when there is a capable Trust Framework provider already supporting the non-PKI space. In return, Kantara will accept and list SAFE Identity certified PKI credential providers, thereby offering a holistic view of the identity landscape.”

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