Refining Security in Data Center Facilities

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 05, 2019

Data center facilities are always on their toes when it comes to security. Fundamental physical measures are indispensable.

FREMONT, CA: A data center handles a lot of sensitive information. High standards of security are a must for these facilities. Be it cybersecurity or physical security, maintaining the optimum level is a must. A data center should have every possible feature that can enhance security. Sometimes, the value of physical security is undermined, but it is extremely necessary from a safety point of view. Some critical measures that should definitely figure in the physical security features at data centers are listed below.

• Video Surveillance Capabilities

Video surveillance is not new. However, with advancing technologies, video surveillance has become more sophisticated. The devices used these days provide high-resolution visuals and photographs and have additional features as well. Video surveillance is important as it gives continuous monitoring capabilities to operators, thereby beefing up physical security. One can keep a tab on every activity that happens and each person entering or leaving the site with a well connected comprehensive series of cameras.

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• Multi-layer Security

The approach to physical security at a data center should be a multi-layered one. A detailed and comprehensive system that can provide substantial protection to the data and hardware is vital. Even if an intruder can breach one layer of the security infrastructure, there must be many more in place to prevent any access to valuable data or systems.

• Asset Tracking through Business Intelligence Tools

The video surveillance systems can provide visibility, but it is not always possible to cover the entire range of hardware. To prevent mishandling of hardware, data centers can use business intelligence software to tag and track assets in real-time. In case of any tampering, the systems trigger alerts, enabling quick response and effective resolution of issues.

• Limited Access and Authorized Exits

Providing limited access to employees is a crucial security measure. Only authorized personnel should be granted permissions to handle critical data and infrastructure. Keeping access limits eliminates the chances of thefts and unintentional human errors. In the case of employees exiting the organization, authorities should ensure proper procedure are followed, and privileges are taken away. 

With better verification processes and stronger measures that are available today, data centers should be able to guarantee a high level of security.