RackTop Systems Unveils New Features in BrickStor Security Platform (SP) to Increase Cyber Security

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

RackTop Systems has announced the availability of primary features in the BrickStor Security Platform (SP) to improve data security.

FREMONT, CA: RackTop Systems is a prominent developer of CyberConverged data security and frontrunner in the secure network attached storage technology. The company has announced the general availability of primary features in the BrickStor Security Platform (SP) to enable data security and protection for distributed workforces and hybrid clouds. In the current pandemic situation, companies had to rapidly adjust with the current enterprise architectures while embracing work from home models. But due to the haste created by the circumstances, organizations are neglecting the data security and compliance. Cybercrimes are gradually increasing, and tremendous disruptions from the global pandemic have immensely affected the down IT infrastructure and operations personnel. Therefore, it is necessarily more to innovate to a Zero Trust rooted converged storage platform. BrickStor SP is perfect for the consumers who have to shield their unstructured data securely, both on-premises and in the cloud. It does not create any difficulty or security vulnerabilities inherent to integrating present legacy storage systems with loosely coupled third-party tools.

According to Jonathan Halstuch, the CTO for RackTop Systems, "The COVID-19 pandemic has forced every organization worldwide to change the way they conduct business. This has become a pivotal opportunity for companies to select technologies that enhance their security posture while enabling and accelerating business operations. We are seeing our customers quickly adopt these capabilities and improving distributed collaboration. As a result, our customers are less vulnerable to the ransomware and data theft that brings down their competition."

The three features offered by the new BrickStor SP are Transparent Data Movement (TDM), Data Protection services, SecureGFS web sharing, and collaboration. They allow managing the difficulties of on-prem, off-prem, and work from home without replicating data or compromising security and compliance.