Pulse Secure Increases the Strength of Secure Access with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pulse Secure has announced successful integration and joint compatibility testing with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). 

FREMONT, CA: Pulse Secure is the prominent provider of Zero Trust Secure Access solutions. The company has recently announced successful integration and joint compatibility testing with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). This integration helps customers of Pulse Secure Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) Network Access Control solutions to ensure only compliant endpoints to gain access to corporate resources.

Pulse Secure PPS fully collaborates with McAfee ePO, which can help the customers to recover valuable endpoint insight like security status, which includes vulnerabilities details, user information, etc. to determine the role of the user or device for network access control.

The Pulse Policy Secure provides organizations safe, protected network and cloud access for a diverse user audience over a broad range of devices. With constant visibility, endpoint, IOT access control, and automated threat mitigation, customers can apply a comply to connect approach to strengthen their security posture and support compliance and zero trust requisites.

"Cybersecurity is more effective when controls are integrated, making it essential that vendors work together to ensure that critical threat and contextual data flows seamlessly across solutions to help organizations make better informed secure access decisions and to automate mitigation," said Alex Thurber, chief revenue officer for Pulse Secure. "We have worked with McAfee at a technical level to create a smooth integration capability that ensures our joint customers gain tangible benefits by deploying our technologies together to improve secure access in support of Zero Trust."

Joint Solution Benefits:

• Security orchestration: PPS can now raise McAfee ePO to offer endpoint remediation capabilities like installing and updating antivirus agent software to meet security posture before connection.

• Improve security and compliance: Help the customers to ensure only compliant endpoints can access corporate resources. It makes sure the ePO agent is installed and running correctly.

• Rapid threat response: If ePO detects any compromised devices, it can send a notification to PPS where an administrator or automated policy can isolate or quarantine the network's endpoint and reduce the threat surface.



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