Protect your Business from Cyber Bullying with Proper Diplomacy

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, September 13, 2019

Keeping a company safe from cyber bullying requires proper IT cybersecurity strategies. Cyber attacks can be dodged by combining common sense with appropriate tactics.

FREMONT, CA: According to the researchers, cybercrimes can be immensely lucrative and are said to be surpassing other types of crimes. Unfortunately, there are fewer barriers to enter the field of cybercrime, and hence has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The chances of getting caught are less, which makes cybercrimes more profitable for fraudsters. As technology is increasing, business is also becoming dependant on digitalization, making several aspects of the company vulnerable.

The attacks that an organization witnesses might be from a skilled and advanced hacker. However, various attacks like commodity malware, opportunistic hacking, viruses, ransomware, social engineering, and any other type of security threats leave the companies at risk.

The current security program of companies does not matter, as there are several ways in which they can build stronger defenses to mitigate the potential damages.  

1. Cybersecurity Assessments

It will not be possible for a company to make a proper defense if they do not know their current position. For any excellent security program, periodic cybersecurity assessment is an essential part as it highlights all the strengths and the weaknesses that an organization can work on.

The assessment gives a clear idea regarding the steps that are necessary for a company to take for securing the essential documents that are obtained in computer or laptops.

2. Staff Training

Hackers are confident as they know how to enter into a system and its network, therefore, there are high chances of an employee falling for a phishing or social engineering attempts. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that every team member knows about cybercriminals and the various ways in which they can trick them. An organization must consider providing training to its employees about various types of hacking and how it can harm a business. There also must be strict cybersecurity policies within a corporation, and it will be a punishable offense to breach it.

3. Keep Software Updated

Any software that is utilized by the company must be upgraded to the latest version. The old applications cannot deal with the updated method of hackers, and they will easily steal information and cause severe damage.

Anti-virus software can routinely update on their own, but there are many other programs, which do not have this function. The company must ensure that the software is checked regularly so that any missing patches or security loopholes get exposed before any damage. It is the duty of a corporation to look after their valuable information regarding their business or their employees.

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