Primer on Customer Data Management Strategy

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, February 18, 2019

A customer data management strategy is requisite in data-driven business decisions. Well-organized customer data system aids to track customer information and understand them better. The management includes collecting, cleaning, managing, tracking, analyzing, and combining customer data to gain insights about customer preferences and sales trend.

Five steps can be followed to achieve an effective customer data management strategy:

Identifying data: Organizations should make a plan when and what data they should collect. They should acknowledge data which can be used in an analysis or can contribute to improving the customer experience.

Collecting: There are two ways of it. One method is gathering from direct sources that are from surveys, web forms, and records in the CRM systems. Another one is indirect sources that are from the customer activities on the web portal and social media platforms, and profiles that provide a person’s location and behavior patterns.

Maintenance: Data maintenance consists of setting up a data management team whose responsibility is to collect data from marketing teams, validate and verify it, cleaning database by eliminating redundant and duplicate data, updating the database and maintain data quality.  

Securing: Data security brings customer trust to the business and eventually profits. Security strategy should consist of investment in backup systems and training for the employees. Also, it includes policies about password protection, encryption, and biometric authentication.

Investing in the right technology: Enterprises should invest in the right technologies that support to manage, analyze, and retrieve data. They advance in operating and accessing data with real-time insights.

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