Preventive Measures to Stop the Illegitimate Usage of Machine Learning By Cybercriminals

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Data security is one of the main concerns for digital service providers. Security specialists need to be their toes every day to quash any security threats on the organization. Cybercriminals are always on a lookout to find a loophole so that they could enter in an organization’s system and rob a company of their sensitive data. Cybercriminals always try to find new approaches to sneak into the network of a company. The best way to prevent a system from getting compromised is to raise awareness and improve knowledge about the latest threats and its preventive measures.

The latest technology that is leveraged by cybercriminals is machine learning. Machine learning which has proved to be a boon for many enterprises can also be used to aid in malicious intent also. Machine learning is a process which enables enterprises to enhance their knowledge using analytical, logical and problem-solving skills. It is a part of artificial intelligence which helps companies to adapt their operations and activities according to the requirement. Machine learning uses computational data of the past to carry out the repeated tasks efficiently and accurately in very less amount of time.

Cybercriminals don’t just breach system security; they try to remain in the network for as long as possible to extract sensitive data of that organization. Machine learning can be leveraged by hackers to stay hidden from a company’s security system which is used to identify and erase cybercriminal activity. Hackers can also use machine learning to modify the older code which was detected by the security system of a company. Security systems need to continuously monitor their IT system and be alert for any security threat.

Cybercriminals gather as much data as possible before launching an attack on a company. Data about the stakeholders is also collected to spur a phishing attack. Machine learning helps to automate this data which helps to speed up the data gathering process. As the phishing attacks have become sophisticated over the period, executives of the company need to have knowledge of any fraudulent message that is created to appear legitimate.

CAPTCHA technology is considered as one of the best technologies to distinguish between human users and bots. However, machine learning can also be leveraged to bypass the CAPTCHA. MathCAPTCHA can be an alternative way to use as a robust alternative.