Predictiv AI Join Forces with ThermalPass

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, March 15, 2021

Predictiv AI announces that SISCO has joined ThermalPass as a channel reseller and distributor to sell the ThermalPass to its U.S. customers.

FREMONT, CA: Predictiv AI, a software and solutions deliverer in the artificial intelligence industry, announces that SISCO has joined ThermalPass as a channel reseller and distributor to sell the ThermalPass U.S. customers in healthcare, hospitality, commercial enterprises and government. ThermalPass will be coupled with the SISCO Fast-Pass Visitor Management System to help track-and-trace efforts and offer improved peace of mind to building occupants and visitors.  

SISCO has been dedicated to building best-in-class visitor management solutions for confirming credentials and tracking people for the public and private sectors. Fully-compliant with several legislation throughout the United States, SISCO offers world-class security products and services using state-of-the-art technologies and integrated security solutions.

The seamless integration of ThermalPass' technology enables to immediately provide the new solution to all of the existing clients. Because ThermalPass is a touchless screening tool that functions much like a metal detector, taking several temperature readings instantaneously, when combined with Fast-Pass, immediately offers front-line workers vital data and insight into managing high volumes of people entering facilities. This enables practitioners to respond accordingly to their firm's standard operating procedures and in real-time.

Collaborating with SISCO and its established Fast-Pass technology is an excellent fit as ThermalPass will be sold into an existing clientele that has embraced screening tools as a best practice to promote improved health, wellness, and safety their staff and customers. The company actively creates opportunities with strategic partners like SISCO to offer access to market opportunities while continuing to drive activity through the sales funnel.

The company is pleased to expand its distribution network in the U.S. through this latest partnership with SISCO and look forward to entering previously untapped markets. In particular, the possibility of maritime hospitality is very appealing to the firm. From early on in the pandemic, it witnesses all of the health, wellness, and safety problems that several crew and passengers experienced while at sea and trying to return home.

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