Predictions For Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, January 04, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are two cutting-edge technologies that already have influenced the private and business sector and continue to do the same. It has become crucial for businesses to be up to date on cutting-edge technologies as it helps them to stay ahead in the competition. Below are few predictions made on how these technologies will continue to transform the industry.

•​  Better Healthcare Solutions: AI holds the potential to change the methods of medicine development, patient diagnosis, and medical prescription. It also has impacted the EHR and patient care service through chatbots and AI enabled applications. With greater availability of data, the outcomes of the technology will also improvise.

•​  Improvised Training Methodologies: VR enables organizations to create more realistic scenarios that would leverage the training of new talents and will enable them to learn fast and adapt quickly in the real world. Such technological approach will also enhance the skills of workers and ensure their safety at the plant by training them for the same.

•​  Educational Benefits: AI and VR both as a duo seem promising to obsolete traditional educational system and establish a much advanced one. The technological systems will allow students to understand the complex scenarios and theorems in a much easier and precise manner. Also visually explanations last longer and many educational apps have been developed on the same concept.

•​  Customer Centric Approach: Companies strive to strategies their business, products, and services in a manner that appeal to more number of customers but at times lack to do so. AI simplifies the job for them; it collects data from different sources and analyzes the same to put forward a report which helps organizations to understand customer mindset in real-time and veer their strategies towards customer centricity.

•​  Better Data Co-Relation: Data available in today’s era in huge and widespread which makes it very difficult for human analysts to gain data co-relation between different sets of data. Here comes AI that is potent enough to analyze huge sets of data and find a relation between them. The unexpected discoveries from this approach have already given significant breakthroughs in medicine, law, IT, and security.     

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