Points to Remember About Cyber Command's Unified Platform

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 01, 2019

unified PlatformCyber Command's Unified Platform empowers interoperability that is more prominent by enabling associations to share data rapidly and construct tools utilized over the cyber service components.

Fremont, CA: The following achievement for Cyber Command's Unified Platform program will be a wholly fabricated software factory, a stage for uniting applications and inventing new tools. This will help incorporate and deploy analytical capabilities for the cyber mission force. Other than solidifying, the stage will institutionalize the assortment of big data tools used by Cyber Command and its subordinate organizations, including the Defense Information Systems Agency. The primary platform will enable associations to effectively share data and assemble tools that can be utilized over the cyber service components prompting more interoperability that is prominent.

The Unified Platform program has been consistently advancing where the program office set up a "software factory" and the program called Cyber Enterprise Services. In this manner, it gives an environment for building and delivering analytic tools to the cyber force. This is planned for upgrading different cyber platforms with services in command and control, planning, generation, execution, assessment, detailing, and visualizing. The software factory is "containerizing" applications utilizing Kubernetes technology, an open-source form of containerization to give adaptable platform and infrastructure complying with specific benchmarks.

This institutionalization of the software factory and containerization of the applications gives an appropriate domain to anybody to create software and mission application that applies to the CMF, carry it into the factory. Then the factory contains all the DevSecOps tool chain. This not just gives a standard domain to the applications but additionally checks if it is consistent with the overall continuous environment.

Eventually, the holistic environment centers on incorporating and ingesting various kinds of data sources and not hostile or defensive tools. Accordingly, the Cyber Enterprise Services program is mostly centered on experimentation about potential mission applications to help the cyber mission force.

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